iOS 15 Beta Download & Release Date Details

Even though Apple fans will have to wait for a few more months to try out the new iOS 15, developers can already try it right away since the Beta version of the operating system is already available for download. 

However, before you run off to download that in Flash-speed, here are a few things that you need to know. 

iOS 15 beta: Before downloading the beta which is now available for developers one must know the size the new iOS comes for. 

Though the size varies from one device to another, it is roughly weighing over 2 GB.

How to Download iOS 15 Beta: Easy Guide

Those who wish to download the iOS 15 beta in their phones, the process is pretty simple. 

The easiest and the quickest way to go about it is by downloading the OS directly on the phone or iPad by visiting the Settings. This is the ideal process for those who have a strong Wifi connection. 

Once you choose this OTA, a.k.a. update go on to  Settings> General> Software Update

At this point, the device will check for all the available updates starting from iOS 14 to the current one that is iOS 15. However, many a time the update may not be available right away. In that case, give it some time and try it again after 5-6 minutes

Pro Tip: Do not try to download the new update in the early hours. Mostly the servers at this point are busy as many people try to download at this time. 

Do not think that your device will start running right after you click download. There will be a waiting time. 

The entire process takes some time and it’s not always for a slow network connection. After the system is downloaded, an install button will appear on the screen 

Click on that and accept the company terms and conditions and start the installation process. From this moment till the time the installation is complete the phone cannot be used

How to Install iOS 15 Beta Manually

For those unable to update wirelessly to their devices can do so manually through iTunes using an authorized computer. If the system runs on the Personal Hotspot of the iOS device that you are planning to update then obviously one has to make use of a different Ethernet network for the best results. 

You need the take up the following steps to proceed:

  • Start by installing the latest version of iTunes in your system
  • Establish a secure connection of your device with the computer
  • Open iTunes and select the device
  • Click on Summary then check for updates

There may be a chance that your iPhone or iPad might become slow after the update. There is no need to freak out about it. 

Generally, after every major update, there is an initial lag in the system. This a normal issue that lasts only for some time until the device gets used to the new operating system. 

However, if the slowness of the phone lasts for a longer period of time, reset activity might be required. But before getting into any update or beta tests, it’s always advisable to keep a backup of all the data stored safely. 

IOS 15 is not far away. Just a few more months till the end of 2020 and finally we can start with our countdown for the brand new feature-loaded iOS 15!

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