iOS 15 Release Date, Updates, Concept , News & More

Apple’s iOS is the priority mobile operating system that runs on all multiple mobile devices of the brand including iPhones, iPads and iPods. In short, this OS makes Apple products what they are, coupled with the design and the panache the brand stands for. That’s why the buzz around iOS 15 is already quite high.

If you are an Apple user you already know that, right? It’s the iOS that takes the devices a step forward! The iOS features gesture configuration, push emails, Safari mobile browser, direct access to Apple store and iTunes, cloud compatibility services and much more!! No wonder it’s your “Apple of the eyes!! 

iOS 15 Update
Upcoming iOS 15 Concept & More

Additionally, every year the brand launches an upgraded version of the OS, and this year was no different either~ we have the iOS 14 right on time!  With the introduction of widgets in the home screen, 20 types of document fonts, an amazing app library, pop-up call options, and an enhanced Siri, Apple has taken a great stride. Please note these are just a few of the changes that have been introduced in iOS 14! There is more!

With all these cool features already present in the latest update, what features are we looking for in iOS 15? Intrigued, right? Well, so were we and thus we dug deep to find out all the “rumored” features that might be in the 15th upgrade of iOS. 

Here is a sneak peek for you! 

iOS 14 Hit or Miss

All Apple users are currently super excited for the launch of iOS 14. The excitement is basically around the revamped means of navigating through the phone. There is no need to scroll page after page to get to your destination anymore! Apple has now arranged for everything to be in folders. Thus reaching the app required has been made easy. 

Additionally, the widgets have been set free for any form of obscurity and can now be placed directly on the Home Screen. Plus, now it’s possible to watch videos while doing other tasks on the phone which is one feature the multitasking Apple users were waiting for. 

Even though many cool new apps and features were not introduced in this upgrade of iOS, the existing apps like maps and messages got upgrades and add-ons. 

However new apps like Translate has been incorporated in the iOS 14 which is sort of a welcome functionality. However, the app is still under fine-tuning and have to go through quite a few changes before it can function to its full potential. 


  • Widgets now appear on the home screen
  • Better navigation introduced for app library messages, maps and welcome enhancements
  • Enhanced notification window for Siri and calls
  • Customizable default app introduced
  • Finally allows users to set preferred browser and email client


  • Siri enquires better improvements
  • Third-party clips and widgets need some work done
  • Downgrading is difficult

iOS 15 Development Phase: How’s the Hype

As known Apple does not work on multiple products at a time. They have maximum one or two products to focus their attention on, and all the teams are involved in making that product crafted to perfection. Of all the teams working under the brand, the designers require special mention.

Apple is known to give its developers and designers absolute freedom and ownership of their products, thus the end product comes out flawless. It’s interesting to note that the designers of the brand are not pulled down by any budget and are given the scope to ignore the manufacturing concerns. The designers are often cut off from the rest of Apple business while they are brainstorming or coming up with new ideas. Many a time, the team is removed to a different physical location to focus their concentration. 

The end product is of course something the Apple user community awaits. But we are also waiting for the iOS 15 beta before official release. Be it an upgraded iOS or a new device, the community is always riled up to get more.

iOS 15 Release Date: When to Expect?

If we follow the release dates of the earlier versions of iOS, then it can be assumed that iOS 15 is likely to come out no sooner than fall 2021. Mostly all iOS, iPadOS and macOS have been launched around the same time over the years. 

Generally, the company releases the mobile operating systems in the middle of September, a week later following the announcement of the new iPhone launch. So keeping the past experiences in mind, the iOS 15 is most likely to be launched between 14th to 19th September 2021.

Though the WWDC 2020, was a completely virtual meet, it disclosed in-depth about the new updates of iOS 14, the WWDC 2021 is also going to be about the new version, where users will actually get to know the new features they will have access to. However, the first beta version will appear sometime after the WWDC 2021, sometime around the end of June.

Let’s have a look at release date patterns of different iOS versions that were launched in last 5 years.

Version NameActual Release Date
iOS 10September 13, 2016
iOS 11September 20, 2017
iOS 12September 17, 2018
iOS 13September 19, 2019
iOS 14September 16, 2020
We have been tracking iOS release dates since the inception. So our prediction is quite accurate.

iOS 15 Wishlist Features (All the Probable Ones)

Though these features are just rumored, and Apple may or may not introduce them in their new version of iOS, but it will be a great help to Apple users if these essential elements and features are added to the upcoming iOS models. Be it for improving user interaction or for adding small tweaks to improve day-to-day usage, the wishlist created for iOS 15 contains it all. 

Improved App Library

The app library, as we all know is the space which is placed at the end of the Home screen pages that organizes the apps in a simple easy-to-view- and access manner. It is rumored that the iOS 15 will have all the icons on the left side of the Dock that will launch the App library. The catch is that the App library will be a separate page dedicated to allowing user access to all the apps on the page. Users can just tap the icon and access the library.

Better Widget Functionalities

The new widgets to be introduced in the latest version of iOS is rumoured to be richer in data and usage so that they can be useful for users in every way possible. There is going to be widgets for everything which includes maps, clocks, weather, music, TV, tips, files, Siri and a lot of other apps. The best part is that the widgets can be placed anywhere on the home screen which will make travelling and communication easy. 

Users will be able to place the widgets anywhere on the screen or even leave a space. This might be made possible since the iOS 15 might support a modular Home screen. In other words, this will allow users to tailor-make their user experience with the widgets. 

Enhanced Home Screen

The home screens of iPhones have not changed quite a lot over the years. Though the way users access the icons on the home screen has changed, the overall layout of the same is still in a grid format. It lacks or rather restricts movements and user interaction. To that end, the iOS 15 could have a better API. 

iOS 15 Homescreen Design

This could include dark and light mode, change in the email icon notification and such small tweaks. The current version still does not let users hide the icons in separate drawers like it’s done on Android, but at the least, the new version can allow users to store the app icons in separate folders to be used when they want.

Siri Upgrades

The functionality of the AI assistant, a.k.a Siri, is likely to improve in iOS 15. Of course, the voice assistant will not be rebuilt or completely changed but will function in a different way that will be more useful to users. Siri might get a drop-down notification banner which will not take the whole screen as Siri does currently, With this UX/UI in place, users will be able to multitask with Siri which is currently not an option. 

Additionally, Siri could also include more domains of things like Shopping. Siri and HomeKit also require support for more home gadgets. As it turned out with the release of iOS 13.2, Siri‘s recordings could be used by multiple third parties thereby putting the security of the users at stake. Though Apple allowed users to delete the dictations and recordings, it is yet to be fully secured, something that must be introduced in the iOS 15.

Advanced Features for FaceTime Calling & iMessage

Group FaceTime in the current iOS does not take into account the discomfort of motion-sensitive people. The moving tiles when someone is talking can be very distracting, and thus Apple has decided to look into the matter in the iOS 15. 

The new FaceTime upgrade will allow users to have more control on group FaceTime so that the titles do not suddenly change any size when participants are speaking. Once activated the tiles will appear in the same asymmetric fashion and the user will just have to tap on the required tile to enlarge it. 

Coming to iMessages, all Apple users have suffered the embarrassment of sending a message by mistake to their contact, and not being able to delete or unsend it. Finally, iOS 15 might come up with a solution where it will allow senders to delete messages sent by mistake. However, both the sender and recipient will receive a notification after the message(s) is deleted. Though the option is already present on Facebook and Whatsapp, it will be the first time for Apple.

Apple Maps

It is rumored that the Apple maps to be introduced with iOS 15 will be more actionable. Currently, the audio maps give instructions which the drivers can easily miss when they are driving. Additionally, keeping an eye for whenever the map says “ take the next left/right” is not always possible. 

Apple Map Design

Many a time while listening to the map audio, a driver might miss a turn even though the map has announced it twice. In that light, the iOS 15 should have a more actionable map version or at least a less verbose mode of the maps should be available.


Privacy is crucial and currently, any app opened can copy the content directly from the system clipboard without the knowledge of the user. To that end, it has been rumoured that iOS 15 will introduce permissions that will prevent the abuse of information. Additionally, iOS 15 will bring in recurring themes focusing on a privacy-first approach. 

Rumors have it that the various apps will now ask for user’s permission to collect and share their data. Additionally, there will be a privacy information section in the App store that would list all the apps. The section will cover information about the type of data, the use of the same and whether or not any third party users plan to use the data for tracking.

Pro Menu

The iOS 15 is likely to have a Pro Menu option which can be accessed by swiping the items down from the top-left corner of the home screen. This menu will allow users to get access to their notifications, settings, app updates, and also allow them to quickly start their devices or turn it off. 

There are talks that the Control centre might also be redesigned so that the concept does not take up the whole screen space. Users had expected the iOS 14 to have these features, however since the same is on Beta nothing can be said yet. However, if not in iOS 14, these two crucial features are going to be a part of the iOS 15 upgrade.

Augmented Reality Enhancements

Apple has already made big in AR over the years and new upgrades are likely to come by with iOS 15. There are some rumours about a new AR app being included in the upgraded version. Along with that, the “Find my app” might also go through some form of AR changes. The idea of the app is to acquire more information about things around with enhanced experience. 

iOS 15 Features

The new AR app will also be accessed by Mac Pro, iTunes, and Apple Watches. AR can also be integrated while shopping for Apple users, at least that’s what Apple aims to offer. For instance, while buying a bouquet, the buyer can check out how the flowers might look on a vase placed in the bedroom! Rumor has it, that it might add some sound effects to the 3D models as well. 

iOS 15 Compatible Devices: Most Accurate List Ever

Before upgrading to the new version of the iOS it’s important to check iOS 15 compatibility. For this purpose one has to go to the Setting >General > About. Following this, the information about the phone must be checked. 

However, the features and app may vary as per the iPhone model, region and language. The app features supported in the user’s regions can be identified using the iOS and iPadOS Feature Availability website. 

Since iOS 15 is most likely to be feature loaded, it will not be compatible with the older versions of the different devices. Some of its features will not be supported by the same. Thus its most likely that the iOS 15 is going to be compatible with:

  • iPhone SE 2020
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 7

… and a few other phones

Along with that, there are a few iPads on the list which include:

  • 12.9 iPad Pro ( 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation)
  • 10.5 iPad Pro
  • 11 iPad Pro
  • 9.7 iPad Pro
  • iPad ( 5th, 6th and 7th generation)
  • iPad Air 2019
  • iPad Air 2

…and a few more. 


The iOS 14 launch was a success and is offering multiple features that are sure to make the life of Apple users smooth flowing. From an upgraded Siri to a new improved App library, Apple has looked into every aspect of user-friendliness. Additions were even made to the memojis! Now there are 16 brand new headgears, seven new hairstyles, a facemask, three new stickers and an expanded age range that users can access!  

The brand has always ensured user satisfaction and comfort not only with its wide range of products but also its upgrade. All these keep us very hopeful about the future upgrades and we hope at least some of the features from the wishlist are considered for the iOS 15 upgrade. Till then, fingers crossed!